If you have any questions regarding the site, One Piece merchandise, need help or want to exchange a link, just leave a msg here and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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  1. Susan Song says:

    Dear Editor of onepiecefigures.com,

    My name is Susan Song, and I work for a South Korean mobile app development company called, GAZI Studio. We are currently preparing to launch a mobile social networking app called “TOYTAKU” for Otaku/Toy collectors. Our app will enable Otaku/Toy collectors to share information, post and review the user’s collection and goods, and ultimately connect numerous Otaku/Toy collectors all over the world to create a mobile community. We are successfully running a similar service in South Korea, under the mobile app name, “Zibit”(Although the app is in Korean, you can download the app on iTunes and take a look).

    As our service launches in the U.S. (and the English speaking regions), we would like to work with the best reviewers and bloggers in the Otaku and toy collecting industry. I would like to ask if we can get permission to use your articles, reviews, and posts from your website and feature them in our media section. Of course, it will go out under your name and your blog/website link, and with your permission, if needed, we will make some minor format edits for mobile optimization. There will not be any additional work on your end.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email, and I hope we can work together to create an awesome online community for the Otaku.

    Susan Song
    Gazi Studio

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